StylGame® joins the customer portfolio of Golden Cathay Consulting

StylGame® Srl is recognized as one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing chairs and ergonomic systems for the Casino and gaming industries. It is the first to scientifically address issues linked to applied ergonomics for this environment and issues linked to the use of Slot Machines. The Royal Stool® line of products can offer players the maximum comfort possible, thanks to the ideal configuration, allowing them to fully enjoy their playing experience and increasing the slot machines’ coin in potential at the same time. The Royal Stool® line of products distinguishes itself for the exceptional quality and unique Made in Italy design. All chairs are tested for resistance and stability and obtain the highest certification level contemplated by law. StylGame® products can be found in many European, South American, US and African Casinos.

The company, with its headquarters in Spilimbergo, in north eastern Italy, has long been looking at the fast-growing Asian gaming markets to extend its business development. Over the course of the last decade, casinos have been opening in various jurisdictions in Asia and it was the right time for StylGame® to partner with Golden Cathay Consulting to assist in their development. 

With Christophe Leparoux we are glad to have found the right person to accompany us on these markets”said Mr Luigi Iulita, CEO of StylGame® srl. “Christophe as a wealth of expertise in Asian markets and particularly with the casino industry and we are convinced he will be instrumental in our market research and clientele analysis, distributive network organization and overall business strategy in Asia”.

Boasting a tremendous experience and an unparalleled understanding of the gaming markets in Asia, Golden Cathay Consulting aims at providing high value solutions to his customers.  

“StylGame® manufactures high-end products , the only ones project designed following ergonomic principles with an unparallel Italian design renowned worldwide”, said Christophe Leparoux. “Operators in Asia are now looking at more sophisticated products to differentiate themselves and also to address a more and more demanding clientele of their own. In this respect, they are well aware that Europe is the place where high-quality products and manufacturing excellence prevail”.

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