StylGame educates, thanks to its continuous research and innovations

The Italian company, always progressive in the design and manufacturing of seats and ergonomic systems for gaming, has presented its latest novelty “Play in Comfort” within the prestigious context of the “European Casino Association Slot Summit FRANCE”, held in Paris between this past 18th and 20th of September.

This event was dedicated to executives, Slot directors and marketing executives in Casinos. Its purpose was to offer knowledge, information and key elements to successfully reaching its goal (objective): increase revenue while improving the game experience for the player at the same time.

Among the speakers, all considered experts in the gaming field, StylGame contributed by presenting to the numerous and a highly qualified audience, the new “Play in Comfort” Basic and Top Systems. “Play in Comfort Top” in particular, is the first and unique integrated and patented ergonomic system that maximizes players’ wellness, significantly increasing Casinos’ business.

The major slot manufacturing companies were also attending the Slot summit. They are also going the same direction indicated by StylGame, improving the design of their cabinets making them more ergonomic and consequently contributing in optimizing the results of an increase of revenue provided by the “Play in Comfort” Basic and Top configuration. At the Summit the manufactures used Royal Stools slot bases and seats for the presentation of their slot machines.

By the River Seine, StylGame not only presented its experience and the effectiveness of its products, but, most of all, in a difficult moment for Casinos in general, was able to trace a path and create an awareness amongst the qualified audience on one important factor: to improve their business, it is important to take care of their players by offering maximum comfort to enjoy the playing time the customers are experiencing.



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