RH Rotating and height regulating System

The RH rotating and height regulating system, manufactured exclusively by Stylgame, is a mechanism engineered by our in house project designers and patented for the purpose of regulating the seat at its optimal height to guarantee maximum comfort for the player.

The height regulator allows for the player’s posture to be correctly optimized when playing at slot machines.

With the RH rotating system the return to centre mechanism goes into action only when the player steps off the chair. This helps the player from having to fight the constant push of the return to centre force all other swivel systems provide as the player is sitting on the chair.

Furthermore, this mechanism incorporating the exclusive clutch system, inhibits free drifting movements from side to side, yet still allowing the player  to move to the side, when desired.

These feature alleviate stress to lumbar area and increase overall comfort.

The RH rotating and height regulating system makes the Royal Stool line of products more functional than ever, significantly  distinguishing them from the competition.

Once again, with the addition of this new feature, Stylgame is able to improve it’s line of products to guarantee player’s correct posture, maximum comfort and as a result increase in revenue.

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