Play in Comfort®, Your Trump Card for players’ top wellness and to boost your business

Play in Comfort®, Your Trump Card for players’ top wellness and to boost your business

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StylGame® at G2E show

StylGame® will be at the upcoming G2E show, the most important event for Gaming held in Las Vegas, from September 24th to the 26th, presenting its revolutionary Play in Comfort patented system and many new products.


In the year 2008, StylGame® initiated an innovative ergonomic research. It was the first study to be conducted specifically with regards to the issues linked to the use of Slot Machines by players.

StylGame®, with its Royal Stool® line of products, has progressively solved all issues highlighted by the research, obtaining, as a result,  the integrated ergonomic system “Play in Comfort®”, available in “Basic” and “Top” version.

This is a revolutionary patented system that significantly  contributes in increasing  time on device and coin in for Slots, considerably  improving the comfort for the player and allowing him/her to fully enjoy the playing experience.

“Play in Comfort® Basic” allows to regulate the seat’s height optimizing it based on the playing panel’s position thanks to the exclusive patented Royal Stool® RH mechanism.

“Play in Comfort® Top” consists of a slot base for Slot Machines, combined with a chair from the Royal Stool®  line of products according to the ideal ergonomic configuration elaborated by StylGame®.

The slot base can be  fixed height or adjustable in height, and its particular feature  is  the large ergonomic leg space. Another unique characteristic of the “Play in Comfort® Top” system, is the ease in the movement of the Slot Machine that does not require for it to be lifted. The machine can be slid in/out of the base support, by simply using an automated/mechanical cart making the staff’s job much easier.

The research that has conceived the “Play in Comfort®” system is a continuous evolving process, with regards to the products employed in manufacturing, including filling and upholstery materials. 

A new material, called Comfort Plus®, is being studied and experimented. Used for padding it can guarantee a superior level of comfort compared to all other padding materials employed up until now in seating.

“Play in Comfort®” is your trump card for players’ top wellness and to boost your business.


The innovative Tower Shift sliding machine hook is ideal for Slant tops and special slot machines. Tower Shift allows to achieve the ideal ergonomic configuration by letting the players easily move towards or away from the slot machine to optimize their playing position.

Sliding forward or back does not require the use of any handle or lever. Players can find and maintain the desired position simply making the seat slide forward or backwards.

Tower Shift in available in its “Plus” version. This has a higher sliding platform that allows the passage of cables to connect the seat to the Slot machine for interactive chair  installment.

Any seat model from the Royal Stool® line of products can be placed on the Tower Shift or Tower Shift Plus frames based on customers’ specific requests. The seat can be further optimized with the exclusive swivel and height regulating mechanism RH360r.



StylGame® is also dedicated to project designing and manufacturing highly technological interactive seats, customizable in their design and use of materials, based on customer’s  requirements.

At the next G2E show, 2 models will be presented.

The first seat gives a massage thanks to an air controlled system that progressively relaxes muscles and has a loud speaker audio system incorporated.

The second allows movement/inclination for the seat that can be oriented in all directions, with a very compact motorized system, incorporated in the seat itself, making it an alternative to the traditional motorizing systems.  The audio sound on these seats is obtained through innovative technology in this field through vibrating diffusing systems for an omnidirectional sound perception.


StylGame® has recently added to its vast line of products the Poker Division® table line, exclusively dedicated to the Texas Hold’em field.

The most important peculiarity that distinguishes the tables from the Poker Division® line of products compared to the competitors’, is the playing panel with interchangeable patented layout. This particular novelty allows to replace and reuse the layout easily and quickly, allowing to considerably save money and time.

Maintaining the high quality standards that have always identified  StylGame®’s products, this new line of poker tables Made in Italy, is able to satisfy a highly demanding market.

All models from Poker Division® are customizable based on customer’s needs.

StylGame® joins the customer portfolio of Golden Cathay Consulting

StylGame® Srl is recognized as one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing chairs and ergonomic systems for the Casino and gaming industries. It is the first to scientifically address issues linked to applied ergonomics for this environment and issues linked to the use of Slot Machines. The Royal Stool® line of products can offer players the maximum comfort possible, thanks to the ideal configuration, allowing them to fully enjoy their playing experience and increasing the slot machines’ coin in potential at the same time. The Royal Stool® line of products distinguishes itself for the exceptional quality and unique Made in Italy design. All chairs are tested for resistance and stability and obtain the highest certification level contemplated by law. StylGame® products can be found in many European, South American, US and African Casinos.

The company, with its headquarters in Spilimbergo, in north eastern Italy, has long been looking at the fast-growing Asian gaming markets to extend its business development. Over the course of the last decade, casinos have been opening in various jurisdictions in Asia and it was the right time for StylGame® to partner with Golden Cathay Consulting to assist in their development. 

With Christophe Leparoux we are glad to have found the right person to accompany us on these markets”said Mr Luigi Iulita, CEO of StylGame® srl. “Christophe as a wealth of expertise in Asian markets and particularly with the casino industry and we are convinced he will be instrumental in our market research and clientele analysis, distributive network organization and overall business strategy in Asia”.

Boasting a tremendous experience and an unparalleled understanding of the gaming markets in Asia, Golden Cathay Consulting aims at providing high value solutions to his customers.  

“StylGame® manufactures high-end products , the only ones project designed following ergonomic principles with an unparallel Italian design renowned worldwide”, said Christophe Leparoux. “Operators in Asia are now looking at more sophisticated products to differentiate themselves and also to address a more and more demanding clientele of their own. In this respect, they are well aware that Europe is the place where high-quality products and manufacturing excellence prevail”.

StylGame® takes part at the Dortmund, Slot Summit Germany 2013

After last September 2012 participation at the Slot Summit Edition in Paris, StylGame® has recently taken part, as Silver Sponsor, at the European Casino Association Slot Summit GERMANY”  by the Hohensyburg Casino in Dortmund from April 23rd-25th.

This Slot Summit edition was dedicated to the German market in particular. It was a 3 day meeting point for slot managers and experts of the industry with conferences and presentations on all techniques to optimize the results from slot floors.

StylGame® had a reserved area in the conference hall to show participants to the event some of its newest product novelties, amongst which its revolutionary “Play in Comfort® Top” System. This is the first system that can maximize players’ wellness and  considerably increase slot machines’ revenue. It aroused interest and curiosity. Furthermore, some of the ergonomic seat models of the Royal Stool® line of products could be seen in combination to some of the slot machines in display.

The Dortmund event was an important showcase for StylGame® to display its products to a very qualified audience, the objective being to strengthen and expand its presence on the German market for the future.


Play in Comfort, Integrated Ergonomic System – by StylGame


Messaggero Veneto press release of April 9th, 2013 – Play in Comfort with StylGame’s Product Line

SPILIMBERGO, 25 employees, a turnover between 7 and 8 million Euro for a yearly production of 60,000 units. These are just a few Stylgame figures. This Company, manufacturing leader for dedicated seating for all Gaming and Casino environments, with its Royal Stool Brand,  is based in Spilimbergo in the Zona Industriale del Cosa Area. Stylgame’s founder is Mr. Luigi Iulita, born in 1945, originally from the Udine area but whose adoptive city is Spilimbergo, since he’s been living in its suburb – Istrago – for more than 20 years.

As Mr. Iulita tells us, Stylgame’s adventure began almost by chance. The enterprise was born from of the combination of his life long experience, particularly in the field of electronics with relation to gaming rooms and as a  favor made to a friend, owner of a chair manufacturing company. This friend needed to quickly close a deal and asked Luigi to help him create a product that could be as original as possible. Putting himself on the line and accepting the challenge, in 2001 Stylgame was founded in Spilimbergo,  by Mr. Luigi. In about 10 years time, the Company has earned the role of world renowned Casino and Gaming chair manufacturer. Its products can also be seen on Cruise ships, being that it can count on a close knit group of collaborators, spread out in almost every corner of the globe, all selling the Royal Stool brand name.

“Stylgame’s  winning hand, – as Mr. Iulita tells us,-  is having conducted the first specific ergonomic research regarding all issues involved in the use of slot machines and the combination of an excellent product with a great quality/price relationship, through the creation of an external, highly specialized supplier network. In other words, we buy the raw materials that are then processed by outer companies on our territory. They are the ones manufacturing our products – seats for gaming tables and machines, and recently innovative slot bases – all project designed to offer maximum comfort and aesthetics to each and every customer and environment. Once the products are manufactured, they return to Spilimbergo, for the final assembly: and this is when we focus on quality control.

The market. “Stylgame’s choice – reaffirms the owner – is to concentrate on quality, starting with the choice of raw materials, all the way to the finished product, which is valued and guaranteed by numerous certifications. Amongst these, the acknowledgement obtained by Royal Stool chairs in the most prestigious test facilities in the wood-furnishing industry in Italy. The sales network is supported by the head office  in Spilimbergo and the branches in Barcellona and Las Vegas”.

From Spilimbergo, Barcellona and Las Vegas, Stylgame’s products are currently distributed to the most important Casinos and the most important Gaming rooms around the world: “ All four Italian Casinos use Stylgame products – points out Mr. Iulita – so we are speaking about Venice, Campione d’Italia, Saint Vincent and Sanremo. Same can be said for the four Montecarlo Casinos, only to mention the closest ones to us. The major Casinos in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal are also our customers. We are also present in Eastern Europe, not to mention the US where our products can be seen at Bellagio and South Point in Las Vegas. New opportunities are being created to distribute our products in emerging markets such as South America and Africa, where we are already introduced in numerous casinos.

 Messaggero Veneto – Pordenone Edition – April 9th, 2013

Happy Easter!








Enada Rimini Show 2013 and StylGame®’s novelties

One of the novelties presented at the recent Enada Rimini show by StylGame®, is the new innovative Tower Shift sliding machine hook. Ideal for Slant tops and special slot machines, Tower Shift allows to easily obtain the ideal ergonomic configuration and maximum comfort by letting the player easily move towards or away from the slot machine to optimize his/her playing position. Sliding forward or back does not require the use of any handle or lever. Players can find and maintain the desired position simply making the seat slide forward or backwards. Any seat model from the Royal Stool® line of products can be installed on the Tower Shift frame based on customers’ specific requests. The seat can be further optimized with the exclusive swivel and height regulating mechanism RH360r. Tower Shift will soon be tested within the Las Vegas Bellagio’s High Limit room, foreseeing the installation on all the Slant tops in the Casino.

The new Texas Hold’em poker tables by StylGame® were also a great success amongst visitors. Maintaining the high quality standards that have always identified  StylGame®’s products, this new line of Made in Italy poker tables, is able to satisfy a highly demanding market through an excellent quality/price relation.  StylGame® can offer its customers high quality tables at an affordable price. The most important peculiarity that distinguishes StylGame®’s tables from the competitors’, is the interchangeable layout, easily and quickly replaceable, both in case of wear or need for frequent changes with customized layouts in tournament events. The replacement of the layout does not require special technical assistance, allowing to considerably save money and time and becoming a remarkable advantage. The tables can have either 2 or 4 legs. The legs on the 4 leg model can be disassembled to allow easy storage.

StylGame® at ICE2013