Konami Gaming, Inc. selects StylGame®

Recently StylGame® has completed a successful collaboration in the world of gaming: teaming with Konami Gaming, Inc. one of the world leading companies in slot machine manufacturing.

Konami Gaming, Inc. has teamed their machines with “Royal Stool®” products, StylGame®’s pride, paired with their newest slant tops within their luxurious company Las Vegas show room. These chairs will also be featured at their booth within trade shows throughout the year. The first reveal at G2E 2012 in Las Vegas.  

The project started by the two companies’ foreste a close collaboration for the creation of an integrated system between seat, slot base and machine, able to optimize the player’s comfort and maximize the machine’s coin in.

StylGame® caught Konami’s attention because it’s seating is special. It’s chairs do not look like every chair in every casino and is the only company able to offer products that are truly ergonomic.  StylGame® and it’s “Royal Stool®”line has proven to enhance slot machine’s coin in  revenue.  In fact, the Royal Stool® line of products derive from a unique, exclusive and scientifically validated Ergonomic study conducted by Stylgame® to solve the Ergonomic issues related to the use of slot machines.

Italian design, high quality and value combined with excellent customer service is the winning combination of the “Royal Stool®”Line manufactured by StylGame® exclusively for the world of gamingThe revolutionary “Play in Comfort® Top” System, suggested by StylGame®, is being presently tested at the M Resort Casino in Las Vegas and has been combined to the new “Beat the Field®” machine manufactured by Konami Gaming, Inc.

StylGame® patented “Play in Comfort® Top” System, presents a seat with a slot base that if correctly configured together with an ergonomically designed  machine, can deliver outstanding results for player’s wellness and coin-in increase.

Konami Gaming, Inc. and StylGame®, two leaders in the world of Gaming initiated an important collaboration with a precise objective: the player must be in total wellness to fully enjoy his playing experience.

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