StylGame® chooses JD Supplies & Services for the German market development

Numerous European casinos have already chosen to trust StylGame® for the quality of the “Royal Stool®” product line and for the exceptional results achieved thanks to the innovative integrated ergonomic “Play in Comfort®”system. Many of these Casinos have also had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the latest novelty from StylGame®, which is the Texas Hold’em “Poker Division®” line of tables. We are experiencing a great success through the semi rigid interchangeable layout panel, a new patented system that can guarantee Casinos and Gaming rooms remarkable advantages in terms of costs and time.

StylGame® aims at introducing its new products and increasing its business in the German market by collaborating with Joris Dubois and his company JD Supplies & Services.

With a consolidated professional experience in the Casino and gaming industry, Joris Dubois is enthusiastic to become part of the StylGame® sales team. He is currently collaborating with other very prestigious companies such as Martin Williams, Cammegh and Modiano.

“The German market is very challenging for both Casinos and Gaming halls”- tells us  Dubois. My objective will be to make StylGame® known to all slot managers in my area of competence and assure that they are all educated on the advantages from buying its products”.


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