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The new Royal Stool® “Style” line

The new Royal Stool® “Style” line has been created to further improve players’ experience, both physically and psychologically, assuring  unique relaxation and fun.

The seat’s and backrest’s structure is, with no doubt, more ergonomic. It guarantees a proper support to the entire body along with greater comfort for the player.

The more appealing design has rounder shapes that instinctively attract the user, with curvy seats that seduce.

Exclusive products for slot manufacturing companies

StylGame® is also dedicated to project designing and manufacturing of specific products for slot machine manufacturers. These products are highly technological, customizable for functions, design and materials, based on customers’ requests:

  • Interactive seats with motion simulator, equipped with an electronic board to interface with the slot machine, allowing the seat to move in all directions. The motor system can be traditional or very compact as an alternative and  incorporated within the seat  (patented solution).
  • The audio amplification with traditional technology or with vibrating transducers that diffuse the sound on the entire surface and all directions.
  • An air-massage system, applicable to all Royal Stool®’s seats and backrests, whose function is to reactivate blood flow, increasing comfort and players’ permanence  at the slot machine.
  • Monitors and luminous serigraphy panels applicable to all Royal Stool®’s backrests and seats to duplicate  games’ images or broadcast films or graphics of great impact.
  • Armrests with control buttons with cables or with wireless technology (no connection cables to slot) to intereact with the slot machine.



In the year 2008, StylGame® initiated an innovative ergonomic research. It was the first study to be conducted specifically with regards to the issues linked to the use of Slot Machines by players.

StylGame®, with its Royal Stool® line of products, has progressively solved all issues highlighted by the research, obtaining, as a result,  the integrated ergonomic system “Play in Comfort®”, available in “Basic” and “Top” version.

This is a revolutionary patented system that significantly  contributes in increasing  time on device and coin in for Slots, considerably  improving the comfort for the player and allowing him/her to fully enjoy the playing experience.

“Play in Comfort® Basic” allows to regulate the seat’s height optimizing it based on the playing panel’s position thanks to the exclusive patented Royal Stool® RH mechanism.

“Play in Comfort® Top” consists of a slot base for Slot Machines, combined with a chair from the Royal Stool®  line of products according to the ideal ergonomic configuration elaborated by StylGame®.

The slot base can be  fixed height or adjustable in height, and its particular feature  is  the large ergonomic leg space. Another unique characteristic of the “Play in Comfort® Top” system, is the ease in the movement of the Slot Machine that does not require for it to be lifted. The machine can be slid in/out of the base support, by simply using an automated/mechanical cart making the staff’s job much easier.

The research that has conceived the “Play in Comfort®” system is a continuous evolving process, with regards to the products employed in manufacturing, including filling and upholstery materials.

A new material, called Comfort Plus®, is being studied and experimented. Used for padding it can guarantee a superior level of comfort compared to all other padding materials employed up until now in seating.

“Play in Comfort®” is your trump card for players’ top wellness and to boost your business.




The innovative Tower Shift sliding machine hook is ideal for Slant tops and special slot machines. Tower Shift allows to achieve the ideal ergonomic configuration by letting the players easily move towards or away from the slot machine to optimize their playing position.

Sliding forward or back does not require the use of any handle or lever. Players can find and maintain the desired position simply making the seat slide forward or backwards.

Tower Shift in available in its “Plus” version. This has a higher sliding platform that allows the passage of cables to connect the seat to the Slot machine for interactive chair  installment.

Any seat model from the Royal Stool® line of products can be placed on the Tower Shift or Tower Shift Plus frames based on customers’ specific requests. The seat can be further optimized with the exclusive swivel and height regulating mechanism RH360r.



Poker Division® is a product line made by StylGame® and dedicated to the world of Live Gaming.

Keeping the high quality standards which always characterize their products, StylGame® has conceived a Made in Italy table collection, exclusively dedicated to Poker and able to meet the requirement of a more and more demanding market.

The main strength of the Poker Division® product line is the semi-rigid top panel, covered by patent.

This particular novelty allows to replace and reuse the layout easily and quickly, on any table covered with cloth and with a covered edge (Poker, Texas Hold’em, Roulette and so on), either in case of tear and wear and for sponsored gaming tournaments; it allows to considerably save money, as it can be replaced in a few minutes, without the support of specialized staff.

The layout is made of a structural semi-rigid support panel, a soft middle layer and a top layer cloth, which may even be supplied by the customer and customized with digital print technology.

All these outstanding characteristics make the Poker Division® table cover unique and essential for the Live Gaming world.

Poker Division®, in addition to the tables, offers a vast range of seats and accessories, customizable on customer’s needs.

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