Messaggero Veneto press release of April 9th, 2013 – Play in Comfort with StylGame’s Product Line

SPILIMBERGO, 25 employees, a turnover between 7 and 8 million Euro for a yearly production of 60,000 units. These are just a few Stylgame figures. This Company, manufacturing leader for dedicated seating for all Gaming and Casino environments, with its Royal Stool Brand,  is based in Spilimbergo in the Zona Industriale del Cosa Area. Stylgame’s founder is Mr. Luigi Iulita, born in 1945, originally from the Udine area but whose adoptive city is Spilimbergo, since he’s been living in its suburb – Istrago – for more than 20 years.

As Mr. Iulita tells us, Stylgame’s adventure began almost by chance. The enterprise was born from of the combination of his life long experience, particularly in the field of electronics with relation to gaming rooms and as a  favor made to a friend, owner of a chair manufacturing company. This friend needed to quickly close a deal and asked Luigi to help him create a product that could be as original as possible. Putting himself on the line and accepting the challenge, in 2001 Stylgame was founded in Spilimbergo,  by Mr. Luigi. In about 10 years time, the Company has earned the role of world renowned Casino and Gaming chair manufacturer. Its products can also be seen on Cruise ships, being that it can count on a close knit group of collaborators, spread out in almost every corner of the globe, all selling the Royal Stool brand name.

“Stylgame’s  winning hand, – as Mr. Iulita tells us,-  is having conducted the first specific ergonomic research regarding all issues involved in the use of slot machines and the combination of an excellent product with a great quality/price relationship, through the creation of an external, highly specialized supplier network. In other words, we buy the raw materials that are then processed by outer companies on our territory. They are the ones manufacturing our products – seats for gaming tables and machines, and recently innovative slot bases – all project designed to offer maximum comfort and aesthetics to each and every customer and environment. Once the products are manufactured, they return to Spilimbergo, for the final assembly: and this is when we focus on quality control.

The market. “Stylgame’s choice – reaffirms the owner – is to concentrate on quality, starting with the choice of raw materials, all the way to the finished product, which is valued and guaranteed by numerous certifications. Amongst these, the acknowledgement obtained by Royal Stool chairs in the most prestigious test facilities in the wood-furnishing industry in Italy. The sales network is supported by the head office  in Spilimbergo and the branches in Barcellona and Las Vegas”.

From Spilimbergo, Barcellona and Las Vegas, Stylgame’s products are currently distributed to the most important Casinos and the most important Gaming rooms around the world: “ All four Italian Casinos use Stylgame products – points out Mr. Iulita – so we are speaking about Venice, Campione d’Italia, Saint Vincent and Sanremo. Same can be said for the four Montecarlo Casinos, only to mention the closest ones to us. The major Casinos in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal are also our customers. We are also present in Eastern Europe, not to mention the US where our products can be seen at Bellagio and South Point in Las Vegas. New opportunities are being created to distribute our products in emerging markets such as South America and Africa, where we are already introduced in numerous casinos.

 Messaggero Veneto – Pordenone Edition – April 9th, 2013

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