Cleaning indications for Similar Leather covered seats.

Dear Customer,
We have received a number of reports concerning the damage of Similar Leather (Synthetic Leather) seating that has been caused by the use of non suitable cleaning products for this type of covering material.
For this reason the company strongly advises NOT to use aggressive cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol, or any type of diluting substance or solvent for this type of upholstery.
May we remind you that each seat is labeled underneath with proper cleaning indications for its type of upholstery.
To clean our Similar Leather (Synthetic Leather) seating we use “Pool”® Roadmaster multipurpose cleaning detergent that guarantees cleanliness without damaging the surface.
This product may be purchased in specialized outlets or directly from our company.

Please call our company at +39 0427 595011 for further information.

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