1st StylGame Company Meeting, Jamma Magazine reports

PLAY IN COMFORT: better playtime, revenue increased

To be successful on the market, quality needs to be a priority. For Stylgame, quality has always been on top of the list and even at times when the market is going through rough periods,  the company’s philosophy proves them right.  That’s why, for its Royal Stool line of products the Spilimbergo based Company, introduces the PLAY in COMFORT project.

In 2001, North-eastern Italy goes through a very positive productive phase. At this time, in Spilimbergo, Mr. Luigi Iulita establishes  Stylgame. Presently, he is the President of the company and the company’s propelling force. Production is inspired by his ideas and his projects: every day about a thousand chairs are being prepared in Stylgame’s  warehouse. The assembly lines are organized in the 5,000 square meter work area in which the finished product is stored waiting for shipment. Finished components of the products are delivered to Stylgame by outer selected suppliers. These components become finished seats and ergonomic systems after undergoing an internal work/assembly process. The first product line, Royal Stool Seats, were successful from the beginning and are presently sold as the Classic Stylgame product. Following that initial triumph, the production line has been constantly improved bringing us to the year 2009. This marks the turning point and the introduction of the ergonomic system for gaming.

Lets step back to 2008. This is the year in which Stylgame with the collaboration of GISERG initiates a number of studies, then validated by the University of Udine, that, as a result, have given fundamental information for the design and manufacturing of ergonomic seats for gaming. The necessity to give the seat the right configuration with respect to  slot machines has brought Stylgames research group to closely collaborate with the major slot machine manufacturing companies. As a result of this team work, PLAY in COMFORT, an integrated ergonomic system for gaming seats was created. Stylgames production, since 2009, has seen a 3 digit percentage increase. The most prestigious world wide  professional gaming facilities take advantage of the PLAY in COMFORT Seats and Systems. While all this was going on back home, the excellence of the Made in Italy quality was exported throughout the globe. This, also thanks to its Barcellona Branch, established in 2009 and its Las Vegas Branch, established in 2010. Stylgame Spain focuses on the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American markets. Stylgame USA focuses on the North American market and has a 900 square meter warehouse facility available for inventory and shipping. Stylgame can count on 350 partners for the production process and on numerous agents and distributors throughout the world.


PLAY in COMFORT is a System created by combining seats and slot bases for slot machines with the purpose of increasing players comfort while enjoying his playing experience. Stylgame offers 29 seat models with shapes and colors customizable by its clientele that can be combined to 12 frame models adjustable in height with finishes that can be personalized for color and materials. 308 possible combinations to couple with the slot bases, also customizable with a wide choice of materials and colors. The slot bases are also adjustable in height and in depth with its  internal door allowing space for the player’s legs to stretch out.

Stylgame’s new message

On September 13th and 14th, at Villa Cigolotti,  located in the luxuriant  green  Friuli plane, surrounded by hills and  Carnic pre Alps, StylGame held its first Company Meeting. This event gave the opportunity not only for Stylgame sales managers to bond together, but also,  to focus on the new Stylgame communication campaign. Two days of informative work with the participation of experts who related to the participants, analyzed and evaluated tests,  research and surveys the company has commissioned and obtained. On the field testing  has demonstrated that Play in COMFORT Systems can generate an increase in revenue for casino and gaming managers. Testing carried out on banks of machines, not on single machines, have proven increases up to 22% in revenue, compared to previous data given by using different configurations with chairs of other brands and characteristics. This important result adds value to Stylgames product enhancing its already wide appreciation in the gaming and casino  markets.

(Original editorial on Jamma Magazine – October 2012)

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